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"The first step is always the hardest one to take"

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started"

You've heard them all before...because they're true. 

"What would you do with 5 seconds of courage?"

Take your first step now - click and schedule your second step: a Free call to discuss where we should go next. Don't know what to say? That's okay-let me guide you! 

Child Package: Do you have a child interested in learning grounding techniques, meditation, skills for panic attacks or other reason? I have a special package for children that includes strict instructions, a contract, and all sessions recorded for both parent and child to hear back when needed. There are many routes we can take with a child, depending on their abilities, interest in talking to me, and motivation to learn different coping skills. 

Where science meets spirituality.

What Is a TRIGGER? 

How do you Identify a Trigger?

I will help you do that! 

Do you get angry and then wonder where that came from? It is easiest to identify what we "think" made us mad on the surface which is who or what is right in front of us at that moment...However, triggers are much deeper than that and anger at that moment is not from ... well, that moment. 

Do you have an opposing opinion? Awesome lets talk about it! It is important however to be open to the process of learning new things while working together!

Basic - Silver - Intro Package $65 for 60 mins!

That is the price of only 13 cups of coffee, a few tshirts or new jeans! Are you worth it? I think so!

What's Included for Session One:

15 min FREE Consult


Working together on what brings you to calling me and what your ideal outcome is

Discuss if you'd like to scheudle another session or upgrade to a package to save you money! 

GOLD Package: 3 Sessions for $177!

That is the price of only 13 cups of coffee, a few tshirts or new jeans! Are you worth it? I think so!

What's Included for Session One:

30 min FREE Consult


Working together on what brings you to calling me and what your ideal outcome is

Discuss if you'd like to scheudle another session or upgrade to a package to save you money! 


Have everyone of my clients tell me which one or more types do they resonate with more and why during 15-30 min call:

THE SURVIVOR PKG $222 for 3 sessions

-abuse, abandonment, medical trauma

THE WARRIOR - MEN! Are you overlooked in the coaching and therapy world? We are now in a time where men asking for help is finally socially acceptable! Can you believe it? Lets dig in to whatever you've got, I'm ready! I grew up with all guys and have a unique way of helping men!

TRANSISTION: jobs, relationships, career change, money troubles, 


That is awesome and I can't wait to help you figure this out! Sometimes there's too much or not enough going on and we feel completely lost...let's find you, together!

*make a list of topics i cover and put on main page at bottom

anger, guilt, sadness, grief, loss, joy, spiritual awakening, seeking spirituality, seeking God, lost in religion, found in religion, money, career, relationshio, job, friendships, stuck in a place i dont want to be, parents, siblings, addiction, family of addiction, new parents, parenting struggles, marriage, sex, drugs, 

MAKE A CHD PACKAGE Box w Packages:

1) Wild Tiger: I like to be as "normal" as possible and trying to figure out what living with illness/CHD is still exactly. I don't care about my illness/CHD much, and try not to think about's doesn't really affect me and I feel normal most of the time. I have sex, I've tried drugs, cigarettes, piercings, tattoos, concerts, and more. I know I "should" stop drinking and/or doing drugs but then I may lose my friends ... or worst of all, have to face mhy illness- CHD head on ... but, I'm ready. I can handle it...I've already been through the worst part, right?

2) Lone Wolf - I own my illness/CHD or illness, but also don't like to talk about it much to people but want to to someone I can trust. I usually don't have many people to talk to, I may be stuck, I don't feel i can relate to anyone, no one gets me


3) Curious Monkey/Cat: I'm not sure what I need help with exactly but I do know my CHD life has affected me and I'm afraid to face it, but also think it's time

4) Free Bird: I am ready to be set free! I want to learn how to find freedom in a body that I cannot get out of, in a body that I never thought could fly because it'd be too weak. I dont want to be swallowed in depression, obssessive thoughts, anxiety, PTSD, or victimhood anymore...but I don't know how to get out of it. I want to find myself, my inner strength, my physical strength, my happiness, my passions again. I want to reconnect with the parts of me I have never met and buried for years, or have had glimpses of and face, but then don't know what to do with. 

The Elephant: I am strong and wise. I know what I want and kind of how to get it. If I have a illness I'm the "elephant" in the room and it's annoying...

1st Generation Parents
First generation parents of complex and single ventricle congenital heart disease and defect survivors. They are the soldiers who taught us how to fight. Thank you.
Heart Caths & Warrior Blood
Heart catheterizations are a minor invasive procedure to check out hearts to see from the inside. It is comforting to be able to see a heart cath lab before you have a catherization to ease your mind. Stephanie Romer writes about her experiences.
What to Tell A CHD Child...
Keeping the innocence. How much and what should I tell my baby or child with congenital heart disease or defect. Parents, advocates, and doctors can discuss this together as well. Stephanie Romer shares her thoughts on this.
CHD Brain & ADHD
CHD Brain damage comes out in many forms - Executive Functioning issues that can look like and be diagnosed as ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Behavioral Issues, and more...Stephanie Romer writes about her experiences.
34 yr old HLHS Survivor
HLHS warrior turns 34 years old. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Congenital heart disease survivor. Stephanie Romer's 34th Birthday - 2019.
Life with 5 CHD's
Stephanie Romer Living and loving life with five congenital heart defects. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, Transposition of the great arteries, atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, mitral valve stenosis
Learning Disabilities & CHD
CHD and Learning disability...Stephanie Romer writes about her experiences and thoughts.
Illness or Drug Addict
Treated like a drug addict in the Emergency Room for being young with a chronic, invisible illness. Stephanie Romer writes about her experiences.
Stress Tests
With CHD we have to go through constant testing. Stress tests is one of those. Living with Congenital Heart Disease and HLHS - Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome - makes it more difficult. Stephanie Romer writes about her experiences.
Oldest HLHS Survivor Making Waves
Stephanie Romer story by Project Heart living with half of a heart, twice the fight. Living with HLHS, TGA, ASD, VSD, MVS. Advice for parents and congenital heart disease and defect survivors, patients, doctors, cardiologist.
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