Writing a book with a Learning Disability

Writing a book with a Learning Disability due to being born with CHD.

We talk about when we were children and "had" learning disabilities but we do not talk about what it's like living as an adult with a learning disability and how it affects us today. Here is an example of how reading comprehension and my learning disability still to this day at 31 years old, affects my life.

As a CHD Advocate and passionate teacher of my experiences and life to help others, I have been holding back something that I have been struggling with for almost a year now. I haven't even shared the depth of pain writing this book has brought up with my own boyfriend or mother. However, as part of this years self care work I have been doing, I feel it is now time to talk about something that hurts but heals - being a CHD Adult with a Learning Disability and how this affects my adult life.

A brief look into writing a book with a learning disability: I have not yet spoken publicly about this because honestly it's embarrassing and annoying. I have been extremely hard on myself in the past 8 months. For those of you who have reading comprehension problems also, I know you can understand how hard it is to read one sentence for one paragraph sometimes 20 times and literally have no idea what it means.

You would maybe assume that it would be different since I am writing about my own life, however when writing to be writing for a book that will be published, it's not that simple. I know I can do this it's just taking me a little longer than maybe it would someone else and I have to be okay with that or it's going to keep holding me back. I will be talking more about this when I have more time when my book is finished.

Please wish me luck and feel free to check out the one minute video and snapchat of me talking after I opened my long awaited draft for my book from my editor.

Wish me luck! Slow but steady I will go!

Please feel free to share your experiences as well. <3

Educate. Inspire. Heal.


✌🐘❤ Stephanie Romer

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