RIP: Nina Kash, HLHS, 19

Nina was a very remarkable you lady who was born March 24, 1994.

Nina was home a whole week after birth before she started going into heart failure and was diagnosed with HLHS.

The doctors didn’t give her much hope, but Nina made it through her three surgeries with complications that she over came.

Dr. Norwood did her first and Dr. Jacobs did her other two at children’s of Philadelphia.

She lived like every child with HLHS through childhood, with caution and several hospitalization, because she caught everything.

Nina was a special girl. She was bullied in high school because she was not developing like all the other kids.

At the age of sixteen she had a valve replacement hoping to give her more time and to try to reverse the PLE, but things didn’t turn out that easy.

Nina started seeing Dr. Jack Rychik at Children’s Philadelphia who was wonderful.

After a year of trying different meds, that didn’t help, we put Nina on the transplant list.

She loved our cat Tabby and had trouble with separation anxiety. She dealt with anxiety and depression since high school, and struggled more the last year of her life. Nina was always small and a hard eater but as she got older she loved fast food which was the worse thing for her.

Nina was attending Penn State for her education. She wanted to be an elementary teacher because she loved children.

She had special relationships with her doctors she always loved them, and connected with them and the nurses and staff.

She was one month shy of her 20th birthday, when we received the call for a Heart Transplant.

Nina woke up after her transplant, which she had a 50/50 chance of surviving. Not only did Nina have HLHS, she also had Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE), a very nasty disease.

Nina woke up after surgery and spoke, laughed, and argued with the doctors. That was her, giving orders to everyone.

She was watching TV and was looking great.

A couple hours after surgery, she went into cardiac arrest.

She woke up after CPR, but from the deteriorating tissue from the PLE, she did not withstand the trauma.

Nina already taught us so much. Perseverance, and always a strong outlook. Nina was definitely our teacher, we miss her dearly.

Nina is survived by her two sisters Maria who is a Cardiac Thoracic Nurse and her younger sister Theresa who is a Bio-Chemist and her Father and I, her mom.

As time goes on and Nina’s fifth anniversary is coming up on February 2, 2019, people say it gets better with time. But it doesn’t. I don’t know who thought it does.....

Nina Kash who passed away on February 2, 2014.

Delores Kash

Nina Kash March 24, 1994 - February 2, 2014



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